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Friends with a Kpop Fan

I was in Korea for vacation with a couple of friends last month. One of my friends got tickets in advance to go to a music show where a group called BTS would be performing. I knew nothing about Korean music, but my friend was pretty much obsessed with this group. We agreed to go to the show with her, but she was clearly more excited about it than we were. I asked my friend what Korean music was like, and she told me that a lot of it was similar to genres found in other countries.

Since the music show was a few days after we arrived in Korea, we did some sight seeing in the mean time. The first sight we wanted to see was a plate with some delicious Korean food on it, so we hit up some of the local restaurants.

Know How Music Licensing Works

There are actually millions and many years of tunes your business can dig into. You may require 30 seconds of a great Janis Joplin melody for your first film. You could likewise be a Fortune 500 organization needing the freshest One Direction tune for your next business. Regardless of whether it’s music for film, TV, or something else, the permitting is a bad dream. There are a great deal of obscure variables, found underneath, that the normal individual doesn’t know to consider.

Music Licensing Composition vs. Recording

Once you know the song that is going to star in your commercial, you need to acquire the license. It allows you specific rights so the owner can’t later sue you. What many people don’t know is that there are two types of music licenses to acquire. The first license is the composition or the writing of the song. This allows you rights to the music, but not an artist. The second is the recording, which allows you access to a specific artist’s version of the song. The same person almost always owns compositions, whereas the recording changes.

Types of Music Licenses

There are a variety of ways you can purchase the rights to use a specific song. Each industry generally uses a different license that is geared toward their needs. A radio station, for example, will buy a blanket license. This allows the station to use any song that company owns for a specified length of time. Other types of licenses to purchase are:

  • Public Performance Rights: Necessary to perform or play the song publically, such as elevator or store.
  • Master Use License: Utilized for music for TV, film or other audio/visual needs. The company can use a known recording, but cannot put in a different singer.
  • Synchronization License: Also when you need music for production, it allows you to use a picture with the song. Main difference is that another singer can rerecord the song.
  • Transcription License: Music for radio uses this license because there are no visual rights.

Reasons to Utilize a Music License

Unfortunately for the average person, licensing is required any time the song is used. Even singing a copyrighted song in the subway technically requires a license. This is done to protect the rights of the owners. You will need to search through a library to find songs available for your purposes. There are a variety of reasons to seek the license such as

  • Music for non-profit videos
  • Music for corporate videos
  • Music for restaurants
  • Background music for wedding videos
  • Music for toys

If you want to be safe, always attain a license. You can contact companies directly, or utilize those that can handle everything for you. Payment for licenses differs, dependent on use, with commercials generally costing the most. This is due simply to more exposure and airtime. If you know the type of music you want to use and its format, contact a company who can figure out the license you need.

Why Invest in Music Licensing?

Combined Knowledge

A licensing company may have a large clientele of musicians and customers who are looking to serve a variety of purposes. Obtaining licensing allows you to share what you have created with the right connections, as these licensing companies have connections and exposure on a much broader scale than you have as an individual musician.

Increased Income

It is nice to have ideals and another source of income which allows you the luxury of concentrating on your music for the pure enjoyment of simply creating it and maintaining the music rights yourself, but if you are planning to make a career out of making music, you want to find ways to increase your income and give you a livable income from your music. You took all the time to learn how to make music, so take time to increase your income to make all that learning worthwhile. By the licensing of music that you hold the copyright to can boost your sources of income.

Combined Knowledge

A licensing company may have a large clientele of musicians and customers who are looking to serve a variety of purposes. Obtaining licensing allows you to share what you have created with the right connections, as these licensing companies have connections and exposure on a much broader scale than you have as an individual musician.

Property Rights

If you are the original copyright holder for your music, you have the right to assign that usage to whomever you please. In the United States, copyright is protected as soon as the music is written down in any kind of tangible form-though this may not hold true in other countries. When you have the power to assign licensing rights, you can choose who you want to have usage rights. By licensing your music, you are not only opening up possibilities for exposure, but your work will be further protected by the licensed rights.

Protect Your Music

With all the battles over music rights and the controversy over illegal or unlicensed downloading and copying, licensing will further protect your creations from being distributed in ways you haven’t approved. Music is an expression of your creativity, and you put your heart into its creation. The last thing you want is people taking your work and using it to suit their own purposes.

Make a Mark

The music industry, like any of the arts, is competitive and hard to break into or make a living from. Your music may be phenomenal, unique, creative, marketable, or of the highest quality, but unless you get your name and work known, all the talent and skills in the world are not worth much in a commercial venture. You have to be known, in order to sell your work. Companies that offer to license music provide a wider avenue for exposure for you and your creations.

Distribution: Expand Your Horizons

You may have an in with certain music contacts, but there are many ways to get it purchased, listened to and performed. Music is used in movies, TV, in public settings, radio, and online. You need the right connections and exposure to expand your horizons to encompass all of these possible venues for your creations. Music licensing can help you to make the connections you wouldn’t be able to make on your own.

Ensure that all your efforts and artistic musical creations have merit and value and get licensing for all your hard work. You’ll be able to gain exposure, protect your work, and increase your income from your creative ventures.

Avoid These Mistakes When Mixing Music Loops

Everybody will concur that music circles are not customary specimens, but rather are little parts of sounds that are rehashed ceaselessly to shape lively numbers. Music makers and DJs overall make a stunning parcel of music blend utilizing such music circles and they know exceptionally well for the way that such a music will fill the gathering corridors and move floors with adolescents and matured ones alike.

Every one of the one needs to make marvelous music examples and circles is a slight innovativeness. These music circles for an obvious certainty is utilized by DJs and artists, as well as can be utilized for different purposes like making music ventures, recordings, even sites and TV and Radio projects. However, making intriguing music circles is in the hands of the author, and in today’s quick paced world, writers are not stressed over giving great music pieces, and they commit unessential and superfluous errors that ruin the pith of the entire piece. It demonstrates that they are not indicating commitment in what they are doing. Here are a couple of basic blunders that present-day performers make while making a music circle, and on the off chance that one keeps away from these beginner botches, then there will be a mind blowing last item.

  • This first and most terrible mistake one commits- Too synthetic. Even though one is composing an electronic music, it should also breathe and have a feel. One of the most unwanted mistakes that a musician of these days make is to use synth sounds and drum loops that comes out really rigid and barren. The solution is to clean up the tracks and loops wherever possible and introduce some live elements like clapping, pop beats, etc. and not sounds that are manipulated and created in a computer. These live beats can give life to the music, unlike the electronic sounds.
  • There are frequency clashes that should be avoided. Now-a-days, most of the musicians often use several sample loops that are present almost in the same frequency, which results in the lack of lucidity and clarity. Sounds should actually be working together and not competing with each other. It is always advisable to focus on sounds that complement one another, instead of sounds that can always stand-alone without the support of the other. A composer should choose sounds to form loops in such a way that they are not complex and go along with each other.
  • It is also important to avoid timing disaster, by listening to each of the sounds in a loop or a track very clearly. The timing is very important when two different loops are merged together, especially if one is doing a rap or a hip-hop. Perhaps a composer or a DJ may be waiting to bring in a bass loop into a hip-hop, but there is always an out-of-time which may give out a blaring sound, instead of a nice music loop or track. So, a composer should be all ears and try to catch the sound exactly on time, and if it was not possible, it is always better to stop and restart again from the beginning.



Play Drum Techniques

Each melodic instrument involves a vital place in a band; notwithstanding, there are melodic a few instruments that choose the exuberance of the band and drum is one of them. Similarly as other melodic instruments require imagination to play them, comparatively drum has a major arrangement of basics one must handle before chipping away at their own on the instrument. On the off chance that you are not kidding about playing it professionally, you should enlist yourself into a music school, where you will be instructed about all the basic systems and beats you will ever experience.

All things considered, when you plan to build up an aptitude in playing drum, you ought to decide your code of intrigue and music kind you would love to play including rock, blues, jazz, and Latin rhythms. Playing drum is not that simple as it shows up, there are wide cluster of styles that you need to deal with to make yourself a stickler. Drummer is the most vital player in music band, since they help in keeping up the rhythm and on the off chance that he is not ready to support the high beat, the entire band will be frail. Since drumming is the heart of the symphony, your music won’t just be heard additionally felt.

If you are looking for the fastest way to learn the drums, you need a progressive and stimulating systematic training system. The practical session should be in such a way that the students are able to assimilate each technique without having difficulty. The teachers provide one to one session for the students to establish a solid foundation. The music school Singapore is the ultimate guide for the drummers looking to improve their musical abilities. They have a record of accomplishment of creating some best drummers in Singapore. It does not matter if you are a beginner or just a pro, who want to learn the beats and fills, the drum school Singapore will help you in every aspect of the learning process.

Many ex-students have made a drumming a professional career by undergoing rigorous training step by step-

  • How to play drums
  • Drum rudiments
  • Double bass drumming
  • Bass drum speed tips
  • Unique drum fills

Knowing about the variations, will pave way to start developing limb independence, you can start with the hi hats and see your growth as a drummer gradually and steadily. You get the easy tips and tricks for improving your overall skills. The drum teachers are keen to share their wealth of knowledge on how to play great sounding shuffles. The hand technique is very vital when you want to create shuffling, visit the drum school to learn the new kind of shuffle drumbeat. If you wish to improve, your drumming skill get into the curriculum that is specifically made for the beginner and gradually they are promoted to advanced classes. The music theory lessons will help you to unlock your potential and define your success with incredible results. The teaching methods would be directly in accordance with the learning capability of the students.


Enjoy Your Fav Songs

Music is one of the stunning and best cures that can change your state of mind radically and clearly to improve things. These days individuals are so dependent on music that they can scarcely stand to do without it. With the progression of the innovation and the ascent in the music business, it has kept on observing astounding development in light of its enormous client base.

The vast majority of the general population these days need to substantiate themselves in the music business however just couple of fortunate ones can stretch the opportunity to go beyond and demonstrate their ability. Yet, in the event that you get the correct stage you will likewise have the capacity to feature your ability to the world. What’s more, the correct stage to impart your ability to others is the soundcloud. This is not just the site to share and advance your music additionally you can download any melody of your decision on the soundcloud interface.

Most of the time when we go outside we want to listen our favorite songs on our electronic devices like iPod, iPad, smartphones etc but now you will not only listen or share your favorite songs but can also download and play it on any device. You can have full access to any song of any genre, so whether you are a big fan of rock music, techno, trance, pop, post grunge or any other, you can easily access on the soundcloud interface. It is the perfect platform for any new entrant or professional ones, which provides you the facility to upload and share your talent with any of the composers, musicians or artists and get yourself noticed in this big music industry.

Moreover, you will not only get the chance to hear regular songs but you can also hear songs from popular bands, artists, podcasts, creators of music and audio which have uploaded their music on this interface. Not only this, you can even download these songs and that too free of cost.

By just installing a add on button called soundcloud downloader on the soundcloud interface you will notice a download button on every song you play. And by downloading your favorite song, you will be able to hear it from any device and from anywhere around the world. Every downloaded song will automatically converts into mp3 format so that you can easily play afterwards on any device as this format is compatible with every device.

Digital or Acoustic Piano?

When you have decided to put resources into a piano for your home then numerous perspectives can enter play when picking between an advanced or acoustic piano. Possibly, in a perfect world, you could possess both; an exemplary acoustic piano with it’s superb touch and tone and in addition the handiness and versatility of a computerized. assuming that having both is not a decision, you should deliberately investigate the advantages and negative parts of each to settle on a choice which will be most successfully for your family.

How about we observe the upsides of an acoustic piano. To begin with it’s the “genuine arrangement”; a flawless instrument equipped for significant refinements that are trying for the computerized model to emulate. The experience of playing an acoustic piano- – the touch and feel, the music, the resonances, the tasteful fascinate and the connection with convention – is so particular and complex that even the most progressive computerized piano won’t be able to reproduce every last bit of it. Also, gave that you put resources into a superb piano and it is adequately kept, the acoustic will persistently fulfill you, your kids and even your grandchildren for quite a long time.

The drawback of an acoustic piano? The initial purchase is a lot higher than investing in a digital. As a matter of fact price is the top cause that many people decide against an acoustic. They also use up a good deal of living space, are very complicated to move and you will have to thoroughly think about where in your house you keep it as drastic changing of temperature and humidity will have a harmful impact on your piano. In addition tuning and preserving of an acoustic piano adds several hundred dollars a year to their overall cost of ownership.

Next let’s have a glance at the digital piano. Over recent years the quality of digitals have improved significantly and the range of designs offered is now massive.

Amongst the most significant considerations when acquiring a digital model is the touch and sense of the “ivories”. A good quality keyboard will have weighted keys so that it replicates the feel of using an acoustic piano as accurately as possible. If you’re an amateur this is important so you establish the proper playing method and it will make the transition to an acoustic piano much easier. Digitals consume significantly less space and you can place it in any room in your house – temperature, cold or moisture won’t have an effect on the tone of your digital and it won’t require regular maintenance like an acoustic piano does. And the cost is a large factor. While it’s possible to spend several thousand dollars on an electronic digital piano, you can purchase an excellent quality piano for under $1000.

One big perk that digital pianos have over an acoustic piano is its ability to sound like any other musical instrument imaginable. Digital pianos include many ‘sounds’ that make it possible for you to completely transform the sound of your keyboard. With pre recorded tracks, an instrumentalist with even the most basic keyboard capabilities can resemble an entire ensemble. You can even download your personal favorite song collections and play along with The Beatles, Jonny Cash or Lady Gaga.

Learning to play piano with a digital is loads of fun. There is a large variety of educational software application available plus you can connect some earphones and play for hours at a time knowing that you’re not bothering the rest of the household or your neighbors!

While digital pianos feature a great deal of benefits, it is very important to also take into account the shortcomings. The longevity of a good digital piano is relatively short. Like other electronics, they quickly decrease in worth and, with manufacturers introducing brand new models all the time, your digital will, sooner or later, become obsolete.

So which is the best digital piano? There is a huge choice and it can possibly be overwhelming when you first begin to search for your ideal piano. We have assembled a buyers guide to help you find the most ideal digital piano for you and your loved ones. There are buying suggestions, an A-Z of piano jargon and plenty of piano reviews.


The Grunge Rock Legend

Kurt Cobain, the popular vocalist and guitarist from the grunge band Nirvana, was destined to Donald Cobain on 20 Febrary 1967. His band was one of the best groups of the twentieth Century. Kurt Cobain had an aggravating youth considering that his folks had part up when he was just eight. His first guitar was a present on his fourteenth birthday. He signed up for guitar lessons, however just took in the power strings on the primary day and never backpedaled. He said that once he had taken in the power strings, he could begin composing melodies. Soon, he had begun to cover Stairway to Heaven, Louie and other shake tracks that had featured already. He additionally started taking a shot at making his own particular music.

Kurt Cobain soon met up with Krist Novoselic, another rock enthusiast and started playing with him in Novoselic’s mother’s hair salon. They soon formed a cover band called Creedence Clearwater Revival in which Cobain played the drums while Novoselic played the guitar and gave the vocals. Soon they both met drummer Aaron Burckhard and formed Nirvana. During their initial years, Nirvana had experienced a number of drummers before settling down to on Chad Channing. The trio soon came up with the Album Bleach. Chad Channing was soon replaced with Dave Grohl, with whom; the band released their debut label called Nevermind. With “Smells like teen spirit” as the lead single from the album, they actually introduced a subgenre called Grunge Rock. Since then, Kurt Cobain continued to write songs for three more years and managed to sell 25 million albums in the United States and over 75 million albums worldwide.

Cobain’s heroin addiction, illness and depression escalated with his success. Along with heroine he had also started smoking cannabis and snorting cocaine. In the beginning of 1990, he had met Courtney Love Cobain, another musician from Portland. They started bonding well during the end of 1991 on the grounds of common drug usage. Courtney Love also used cocaine and heroin. Kurt Cobain was found dead with a shotgun wound to the head.

On 20th February 2014, the city of Aberdeen celebrated the birthday of Kurt Cobain and decided to declare 20th February as Kurt Cobain Day. They have also decided to build a statue of Kurt Cobain. Mayor Bill Simpson says that he wants the city to remember Cobain for his music and not for his drug addiction or his dark past. He also said that they should have taken this decision a long ago. They are going to place the statue in the History Museum of Aberdeen. Bill Simpson believes that the statue will increase the footfall at the museum and will generate good revenue. In addition to that Nirvana is also going to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2014.

About Snow Violins

Throughout the years, numerous luthiers have made a trip from China to Europe to take in the artistic work of violin making from trustworthy schools in Germany, France and Italy. A portion of the all the more very prepared and gifted violin producers set up workshops where they made quality instruments and prepared new creators. One of these luthiers was Xueping Hu, originator of the Snow workshop in Beijing, China.

Despite the fact that Snow is noted for its violins, the workshop likewise creates other handmade stringed instruments including violas, cellos and basses. As his six-specialist shop developed into more than seventy experts, Xueping Hu and his sibling set up Snow Stringed Instruments, a discount organization whose intention was to appropriate to retailers instruments hand-made exclusively in the Beijing workshop.

Snow’s produces a line of violins categorized into four types: basic, advanced, professional and performance. Most are based on Strad & Guarneri models. The basic models are high quality student violins to lower intermediate violins that retail from between $1,200 and $1,700 depending on whether a player orders a SV200, SV300 or SV400 model. Perfect for students, all SV models sound warm and resonant and are antiqued with hand-rubbed varnish and feature a top made of spruce and a back crafted from maple.

The PV models, or “advanced”, are crafted for higher intermediate and advanced violin players and range in price between $2,200 and $3,700 depending on whether one purchases the PV800, PV900 or the PV1000. These intermediate violins are made with higher-quality and longer-aged European tone woods. The varnish is higher-end, and offers the player more varied tones of color.

Snow violins are shipped from China to New York in ready-to-play condition. Once in New York, they undergo a battery of quality control tests by specialists to assure that the set up, tone and overall quality is up to standard. This is done before shipping the violins to retailers across the country.

Interestingly, even though these violins are set up and tested, most violin shops who stock snow violins will take the time to set up the violins yet again, according to the standards of the shop. This may include relocation of the sound post and new strings. By the time the violin reaches the hands of the player, it has received much attention from several craftsmen.

Many retail violin shops will pair Snow violin with different types of bows, cases and basic accessories in order to sell the Snow violin as an outfit. Prices will vary depending on the quality of the case and bow, but it is typically a good value to purchase an instrument as part of an outfit assembled by a knowledgeable maker.

Become an Piano Expert

It is the adoration for music, that kept alive the deep rooted music instrument and its elegance till today. Piano has plainly been an uncontrollably well known instrument as far back as its first prologue to the music business. Adapting piano is gigantically remunerating in its own particular manner, since it gives remedial component to the body, psyche and soul. Aside from improving inventive aptitudes, piano practice supports subjective and scholarly capacities. Recreational music making could conceivably fill in as a sound anxiety reliever, alongside other way of life systems that incorporate solid nourishment and exercise. It is a capable approach to convey feeling, breath life into a social occasion or simply unwind.

Being a novice, you may find it hard to play piano, so to make it more interesting you must gain an understanding of theory. Without an understanding of basic music theory, you can get nowhere as a pianist. However, you can go through the self-taught classes through online video classes, but if you want to become a professional pianist, enroll yourself in music school. Instead of wrecking your brain in order to understand every note, a music teacher would be there to teach you the tips and tricks. It also becomes crucial to understand the keyboard layout, that would enable you strike the right chord. Despite going through Piano lessons, the students may feel no progress, because you are not able to improve on your skills.

Discuss your problems with the teachers and they will help you with the technique and incorporate them while playing. When you are aiming to be a perfect player, you need to understand the major chords, because it is what makes music interesting and give character. Getting inputs from a reliable teacher will help in developing the necessary skills required while playing music. The classes provides an innovative and interactive piano tips, that makes the learners highly motivated and take them to the next level. To get an expertise in whatever you do, you need to understand the concept, the fundamental values, and this same rule applies to learning piano. Having an idea about the musical notations such as dynamics, tempo, key, time signatures and clefs will improve your playing skills.

Since fingers plays a vital role in creating the correct form of music, the students are also asked to go through the finger stretching exercises. It will enable the pianist to place the fingers correctly on the piano keys. Constantly practicing the same phrase will automatically speed up your playing technique. Practicing the most prominent notes like the harmonic minor, chromatic scales, and melodic notes will help you to get into the first step of playing proper piano. Being a beginner, you find difficult to recognize the notes, just by hearing but with constant practice, you can develop your musical aptitude. In the beginning, you will only be able to play few notes, with constant reference, but gradually as you progress, your mind will start playing the music.

Not to mention, improper posture while playing piano can also hamper the quality of the music. Thus in order to play fluently, align your pelvis opposite to the middle C notes and sit upright. The natural and relaxed stance will enhance your performance quality.