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Friends with a Kpop Fan

I was in Korea for vacation with a couple of friends last month. One of my friends got tickets in advance to go to a music show where a group called BTS would be performing. I knew nothing about Korean music, but my friend was pretty much obsessed with this group. We agreed to go to the show with her, but she was clearly more excited about it than we were. I asked my friend what Korean music was like, and she told me that a lot of it was similar to genres found in other countries.

Since the music show was a few days after we arrived in Korea, we did some sight seeing in the mean time. The first sight we wanted to see was a plate with some delicious Korean food on it, so we hit up some of the local restaurants. There’s a fondness for spicy flavors in Korean food. I tried one particular rice dish that was pretty hot. One of my other friends started off simple by eating some kimbap. I probably should have done that and worked my way up to the spicy foods. We drank plenty of Soju while we were eating.

On the day of the music show, my friend who got the tickets brought a small banner and a light stick with her. I didn’t know she packed these things, but she planned to wave them around while the group was performing on stage. We took our seats for the show and watched some other groups perform before BTS came out. Once they came out, everyone in the crowd started cheering and screaming as loudly as possible, including my friend. While they were performing, she and the other audience members were chanting some Korean words that I didn’t understand. I must admit, the group were pretty good singers and dancers.