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The Grunge Rock Legend

Kurt Cobain, the popular vocalist and guitarist from the grunge band Nirvana, was destined to Donald Cobain on 20 Febrary 1967. His band was one of the best groups of the twentieth Century. Kurt Cobain had an aggravating youth considering that his folks had part up when he was just eight. His first guitar was a present on his fourteenth birthday. He signed up for guitar lessons, however just took in the power strings on the primary day and never backpedaled. He said that once he had taken in the power strings, he could begin composing melodies. Soon, he had begun to cover Stairway to Heaven, Louie and other shake tracks that had featured already. He additionally started taking a shot at making his own particular music.

Kurt Cobain soon met up with Krist Novoselic, another rock enthusiast and started playing with him in Novoselic’s mother’s hair salon. They soon formed a cover band called Creedence Clearwater Revival in which Cobain played the drums while Novoselic played the guitar and gave the vocals. Soon they both met drummer Aaron Burckhard and formed Nirvana. During their initial years, Nirvana had experienced a number of drummers before settling down to on Chad Channing. The trio soon came up with the Album Bleach. Chad Channing was soon replaced with Dave Grohl, with whom; the band released their debut label called Nevermind. With “Smells like teen spirit” as the lead single from the album, they actually introduced a subgenre called Grunge Rock. Since then, Kurt Cobain continued to write songs for three more years and managed to sell 25 million albums in the United States and over 75 million albums worldwide.

Cobain’s heroin addiction, illness and depression escalated with his success. Along with heroine he had also started smoking cannabis and snorting cocaine. In the beginning of 1990, he had met Courtney Love Cobain, another musician from Portland. They started bonding well during the end of 1991 on the grounds of common drug usage. Courtney Love also used cocaine and heroin. Kurt Cobain was found dead with a shotgun wound to the head.

On 20th February 2014, the city of Aberdeen celebrated the birthday of Kurt Cobain and decided to declare 20th February as Kurt Cobain Day. They have also decided to build a statue of Kurt Cobain. Mayor Bill Simpson says that he wants the city to remember Cobain for his music and not for his drug addiction or his dark past. He also said that they should have taken this decision a long ago. They are going to place the statue in the History Museum of Aberdeen. Bill Simpson believes that the statue will increase the footfall at the museum and will generate good revenue. In addition to that Nirvana is also going to be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2014.