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The Turntable

In the late nineteenth century, Edison designed the phonograph. In spite of the fact that this model did not resemble the models we know, the rule was the same. The sound was gotten by a film and the vibrations than punched into a chamber finished with tinfoil. Following several years the tinfoil and chambers were supplanted by vinyl records, and the turn table as we probably am aware it was conceived. The music was as yet gotten on a stomach and after that the vibrations were transported to a stylus. Tis stylus was then pushed onto a vinyl record and was in this way cutting scores in the vinyl. When playing such a record, the needle is set again on the vinyl. The depressions make the stylus vibrate in an indistinguishable route from the needle that was cutting the scores was vibrating. At the point when these vibrations than are transported to an intensifier, the sound is there once more! More about this history is to establish here snap, the entire tale about vinyl is recorded at this site.

Mass production

During the 50-70 of the 20th century, the turntable became mass produced. The prices did go down and the turntable became more and more popular and affordable. During these decades most of the American families did own a record player. Music became more and more available for the mass because of this products. Artist did produce their music now not only live but could also sell their music outside the theaters.

The decline

By the more cheap cassette tapes and later the CD, the turntable became less popular. Newer ways of distributing music where cheaper and more durable. There was however still a group of fans that still uses their record players. And also the artist keep bringing their music out on vinyl as well.

Becoming popular again

With the new interest for classic and nostalgic things, also the record player is becoming more popular again. There are still new types produced and big manufactures like Crosley ar going strong again. It looks like the vinyl is back again, and let’s hope that the characteristic sound is there to stay.

FInal thoughts

When listening to vinyl records, you will find that the music is more singing/swinging/dancing. This is caused by the record not being completely flat. It is not a disturbance, it adds character.